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If you live in the East Tennessee area and would like to become a foster parent, help watch for Shelties at shelters near you or help with transport to other locations please contact Larry at

We are in dire need of foster homes in the East Tennessee area!

If you would like to apply please go to Foster Home Application page and follow the instructions.

Bo is just one of the reasons we need your help.  Every donation, no matter how small, helps!  As the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step paying for Bo's surgery started with the donation of $1!



Bo is a perfect example of a rescue that requires extensive medical attention.  He had multiple surgeries totaling over $1000.  Fortunately, Bo was adopted for our normal donation and is now in a loving home.  But as you can see from his case the cost required to ready some our Shelties for placement is higher than the adoption fee.


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Donations are gratefully accepted and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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Additional Sheltie Information

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Sarge is a wonderful, happy 7 year old boy who, as you can see from his picture, is challenged with Dermatomyositis {DM}.  Sadly Sarge has lost his battle and was eased to the Bridge in the loving arms of his foster mom.  Rest well gentle boy!

DM is a genetic autoimmune condition that causes skin lesions and is incurable.  Lesions are predominately on the face, especially the muzzle, ear tips and around the eyes, the tip of the tail, bony prominences and the toes.  Some cases involve the muscles, although this is less frequent in Shelties, causing muscle atrophy.  This symptom may cause problems with chewing and swallowing.  Sarge has not shown any muscle involvement as of yet.  The symptoms are treated by steroids and other immune specific drugs.

Sarge has not been able to receive his shots due to the current outbreak and is not available for adoption.  We are posting him to help educate people about this condition which can be avoided by careful breeding practices.  For more information on DM please refer to The Texas A & M Dermatomyositis site.  Or do a web search for “Dermatomyositis in dogs”.

Because of his many medical problems Sarge is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.  He was a very special boy and is missed by us all.


If you are donating in the name of another person we will be glad to send a card to them in your name.  After donating through PayPal send an email with the person's name and address to 
We are a 501(c)(3) group and receipts will be sent.
Thank you for supporting Sheltie Rescue of East TN, Inc.